Johnnie Walker: Joy will take you Further

The axiom “Hard work is the key to success” can only take you so far in life. Johnnie Walker is a brand that celebrates the big and small successes. Every step that goes towards one’s personal progress should be enjoyed, and doing so will enable people to achieve much more. But changing people’s mindsets would be difficult, especially in a region where tradition and conservatism are commonplace.

Having a local influencer who defies everyday norms and enjoys what they do was necessary as they would be personifying the campaign.

Our team identified and engaged Keow Wee Loong, a daredevil photographer with a passion and zeal to capture images of exotic and challenging places.

We recommended a social media campaign that commemorated his journey to Mt Bromo, an active volcano in Indonesia.

Wee Loong’s photography of Mt Bromo made the news of numerous local and international media publications.

The Facebook video and social media postings documenting his journey to Mt Bromo received 23,000 organic views and nearly 14,000 likes, as viewers recognized and admired his passion and willingness to go beyond the ordinary.