1600 Pandas Malaysia: Harmonious Conservation

Since 2008, the 1600 Pandas World Tour has brought attention to the conservation efforts by the World Wildlife Fund to create a sustainable ecosystem for giant pandas through the exhibition of 1600 paper mache pandas in various locations. When the 1600 pandas exhibition finally landed on Malaysian soil in 2015, it was a golden opportunity to shine a spotlight on Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage and natural wonders.

Select famous urban and provincial tourist locations throughout Peninsular Malaysia to host all 1600 paper mache pandas, highlighting Malaysia as a melting pot of cultures and races that has a harmonious relationship with nature. Spark conversations on the importance of protecting flora and fauna for current and future generations.

Extensive national coverage as hundreds of print and video publications followed the 1600 Pandas tour throughout Malaysia, resulting in over RM16 million in PR value impressions. Malaysians today are more socially aware of pandas being one of the rarest and most endangered bears in the world, and that we can do our part to maintain a successful coexistence with nature.