Impact of ONE

Our multi-disciplinary approach for delivering the most impactful solutions culled from across different specialised teams - delivered as one fluid expression.

Be in control of the customer journey with ONE Network

What makes a good marketing team?

By most definition, it’s a culmination of capable and passionate specialists teams working effectively towards a common business goal. There is communications, brand, creative, technology, insights, social - just to name a few.

In theory, that makes perfect sense but in practice, the greatest barrier to success is always misalignment between teams. From KPI agreements to SOPs, the work itself is simple - the orchestration of teams is brutal.

A full-fledged marketing team will look something like this:


Head of Marketing








While the Head of Marketing’s role run along the lines of:

Set, manage and achieve business and marketing goals

Assess, forecast and deploy tactics based on moving consumer trends

Manage upwards and downwards within the organization

Drive team planning and career trajectories including performance development

Network with industry peers to get a pulse of her immediate environment

No small feat considering the speed of change today.

With that as a background, we’ve evolved over the past decade towards supporting our clients throughout their entire consumer journey - as one agency. This is possible through specialized teams in Digital, Communications, Activation, Brand & Creative all under one roof, working in-tandem towards the client’s goal. Today, over 30% of our clients utilize our multi-channel marketing solution to manage their consumer journey through one fluid expression.

We call this

Impact of 1

Impact of 1 is non-bias and agnostic in delivery. The marketing mix is dependent on business objectives and the solution consists of the most effective discipline(s). You can see this in action in the diagram on top of this page.

Clearly, it may not be good practice to place ads to win customer loyalty. Nor should one deploy a telemarketing campaign to gain awareness at scale. The challenge isn’t the lack of marketing channels. It is the right utilization of channel(s) to tackle specific areas along the consumer journey. A marketer should never be biased. The same way a surgeon shouldn’t approach every problem with a scalpel.

We believe it will bring some needed focus back to the fray. It also frees the client’s mind knowing that a good marketing team will never push you to favour one channel over another. Rather, the team should work in unison with the constant check and balance to find the most suitable tactics for each channel in that period of time.

It is not media strategy, PR strategy or digital strategy - just marketing. For more information on The Impact of 1 and also some case studies, please get in touch with us.