Johnnie Walker: Blue Label Chinese New Year Edition

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is well-known for its rarity and artist collaborations worldwide. While these constantly excite local and international audiences, we had the aim to create a localised selling point that is unique to Malaysians.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label seized the opportunity to work with international artist, Ernest Zacharevic, who is no stranger to Malaysians for his famed mural arts in Penang.  He created a limited edition bottle design in conjunction with Chinese New Year. Zacharevic’s status as an international artist adds a newsworthy angle and the localized element keeps it relevant to the audience.

ROOTS PR’s involvement began from crafting the artwork direction of the bottle design, to working closely with the influencer and a charity organisation. This also included other PR efforts such as media interviews and the conceptualisation of the media trip and launch that highlighted the product and the rich background of the Chinese New Year tradition – a slice of Chinese culture, heritage and craftsmanship.

The year-long campaign generated positive impressions from the media and garnered a total PR value of more than RM 1 million, with more than 100 news clippings that highlighted Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s collaboration with Ernest Zacharevic, along with key messages on heritage, craftsmanship and the Chinese culture in Malaysia.