Trend Report: Events Management App

The feasability of event apps boils down to feature & scale.

User-friendly apps that help event organisers manage, gamify, or personalise events are becoming more in use. 76% of event professionals who do not use an event app intend on adopting one in the next year.*

Event management apps are not new to conferences, which use them to automate certain processes such as self check-in. The source of the demand stems from a desire to digitalise events, which may not be practical for smaller events.

Features are the most important consideration for event organisers. The top 3 features in an event app that organisers want are onsite registration (19%), in-app registration (16%), and content capture (13%).*

But for event apps, the demand is for highly personalised features that allow for specific kinds of games and interactivity, in addition to the basic registration features. Not a single app has features robust enough to meet all the varied demands of large and small scale events – yet.

The apps on the market cater to larger conferences, which lack personalised features that more intimate events require such as participant voting (e.g. for Best Dressed contests) and seat selection options.

That aside, the feasibility of using apps for smaller events is a matter of scale – the per head cost, divided among fewer people, is naturally higher than the per head cost for a conference.

So what’s the outlook for event management apps in the future?

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