Trend Report: The Rise of Video

Changing content consumption patterns prioritise video marketing.

The advent of IG and Facebook stories have turned the content landscape in favour of a new type of content that’s playful, temporary, and phone-grade quality.

Video-centric apps like TikTok have become trends in their own right, reflecting the dominance of video in content attractiveness.

These quick and short videos are breaking the cost and technical barriers of video production. With this, brands find it less intimidating to incorporate video into their marketing mix, even producing video themselves rather than engaging a production team or studio.

The spontaneous shot-from-my-phone quality of IG and FB stories lend a layer of authenticity to the content, similar to user-generated videos.

The short lifespan of IG and FB stories make it easy for brands to be more playful and to showcase their personality while minimising potential repercussions. Since stories are deleted after 24 hours, brands have the creative freedom to poke fun at viral or even controversial topics.

The rise of video is affecting the viability of TVCs, as more Youtube type videos and Youtube commercials are taking top spot in advertiser choice. In the face of dwindling sales, broadcasters are filling commercial slots to promote their own in-house media products.

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