Trend Report: Malaysia's State of Digital

The shift to a truly digital mindset is slow but sure.

We are on a steady journey to understanding what ‘going digital’ really means. For a traditionally brick-and-mortar company, going digital is often misunderstood as having a presence online. This might have been sufficient 10 years ago, but the potential and the demand for smartly designed customer experience cannot be ignored.

We’ve been seeing brands step up, proactively seeking to understand how they can create an entire digital experience for their customers, anticipate behaviour, and design journeys that produce better results. They are learning that it’s no longer the brand that determines the marketing strategy but the consumers who are in the driver’s seat.

Thanks to constant immersion in the online environment, digital-born businesses especially e-commerce are faster at picking this up, although efforts are still concentrated mostly on top-of-funnel customer acquisition.

Despite all the talk about Big Data, brands are cautious. There is a common mistrust of social media data and, consequently, inaction. People are used to hard sales numbers; soft numbers like social interactions are tough to credit. The credibility of social media analytics is further undermined by a misleading cover of ‘fun’, that social engagement is cheap and does not necessarily translate into a sale.

Download the Malaysia's State of Digital Trend Report in which we discuss trends and opportunities in the year ahead.

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