2020 Trend Report

Consumers are demanding for more personalised experiences while businesses are looking for optimum marketing results from each dollar spent.

In this year's trend report, we have collated the views across all our different divisions to present to you our expectations of how global trends will move and impact brands and businesses in 2020. Combing through the feedback, analytics and experiences we have garnered in the previous years, we are glad to present to you our observations about the current state of marketing supported by our recommendations this year.

We would also like to reiterate our "Impact of One" - an integrated philosophy delivered through 3 core marketing themes - Experience, Communication & Digital. With this in mind, we have identified five key pillars that we believe will play an essential role in 2020:

  1. Evolved role of an agency - Going beyond an agency by becoming a partner of your business
  2. Creativity from anywhere - Looking out for the best ideas from the most unexpected places
  3. Marketers and Technology - Executing from a different plane of marketing
  4. Data Curiosity - Two key ingredients tied to data: Culture & Consciousness
  5. Impact of One - How we tackle challenges together to deliver meaningful results

We will be expanding further on the five pillars in our 2020 Trend Report which is now free to download below.

Here's to 2020.

Download the full trend report in which we discuss trends and opportunities in the year ahead.

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