2019 Trend Report

The shift to a truly digital mindset is slow but sure.

In this report, we aim to give you a balanced view of some obvious and some not so obvious trends to expect in 2019. Our consultants from each field have chipped in their observations about the current state of their industries along with recommendations on opportunities surrounding each trend. The views expressed within are based on experience with our roster of clientele, informed by a global awareness. As such, this trendwatch is specific to local contexts and relevant to the very type of sectors that made up the study – yourself – yet draws connections with contemporary currents elsewhere.

Under PR, we consider how influencer marketing can be done better. In Events, we look at the role of activation as an evolution of the events model. In Content & Creative, we discuss how it is possible to increase output at minimal cost to quality. And finally, in Digital & Tech, we put the question to rest about what role martech plays for organisations that have gone digital.

In some parts, we raise questions that could direct your 2019 problem statement – amid dwindling media attendance, how can you bring a full brand experience to the media? If digital was all you had, how would you maximise its impact on your business? These are designed not to give answers, but to flag pivotal areas that teams should be working on to solve together.

Among all the trends, there is one common driver – digitalisation and technology, without which these trends would not have been possible. If there is one clear trend to rule them all, it is that technology is rewriting the narrative for industries and giving birth to new opportunities. How fast we adapt is entirely up to ourselves.

The best brands in 2019 we believe will demonstrate some of these characteristics:

  1. Clarity of thought and action through a commitment to their key message
  2. A consistent and seamless brand experience across offline and online spaces
  3. Strong creative identity complemented by unparalleled speed to execution
  4. Core technology stack for tackling multiple market segments and needs in real time
  5. Nimble and agile – leveraging on corporate strengths with agency teams collaborating with a startup mentality – ability to recover from mistakes fast and iterate along the journey

We explore the above in detail in the Trend Report, available free for download below.

Cheers to 2019

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