Winton: Digital Awareness in Hong Kong

A Hong Kong-based moneylender, Winton Finance is an investment holding company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands with limited liability under the International Business Companies Ordinance. The services offered range from personal loans to mortgage loans. As a licensed moneylender, Winton suffers from a lack of awareness, especially on digital as they were more inclined towards the traditional way of branding, which in turn affected the number of loan applications from its primary target market comprising of blue-collared workforce in Hong Kong. Aside from that, the communications collateral for the brand was also low.

The deeper understanding of the target audience led the team to focus on Facebook as the primary medium to reach out to them. Upon selecting the channel of reach, the team also started reviewing the social content in terms of copy and visual direction to ensure quality reach and engagement with the target audience. This marked the beginning of the client’s journey towards the digital world through strategic and timely planning. The language was also a key factor to ensure the right target audience which the team changed from English to Cantonese to further improve the results. Throughout the period of one month, the team was constantly monitoring the results, response patterns and audience reactions to strive for better quality results.

With the combination of running targeted ads through the right platform, a change in the visual direction via social postings and also a change of language; the number of loan applications not only increased by 267%; comparing Jan-Mar vs Apr-Jun. but that also brought about the rise of online presence for Winton Finance.