DSG: Loyalty Programme through Eloqua

The diaper industry in Malaysia is highly competitive, hence the brand was looking for new opportunities and methods to better reach out to its audience besides their traditional methods. The key aim was to effectively utilize the data pool at hand to better understand consumer behaviour and effectively target them at the right time and with the best campaign strategy for retention and ultimately drive brand loyalty.

Oracle Eloqua assisted the brand in collecting customer information and centralizing them into one repository. This is to better understand customer behaviours and to create timely marketing campaigns by increasing target reach via various digital platforms such as (but not limited to) websites, emails, and SMSes.

As the brand owned a vast amount of data on their consumers, we created an online loyalty program to engage and reward customers for their interactions with the brand. The main goal was to be able to track users throughout the pregnancy and parenthood journey, from 1st trimester right up to 18 months old.

PETPET Club served as a loyalty program portal where customers could redeem items through collected points. Eloqua then allowed the team to design a personalised consumer journey whereby they will receive contextual content for each audience segment based on triggered events. This allowed the brand to unlock valuable insights from the growth of its customer database.

The PETPET Club was officially launched on May 2019 to the public and within a short span of two months, it garnered more than 5,000 new members into the club. This opened the brand to a greater audience and understanding of their key behaviours, helping them to create more enriching and targeted campaigns to increase customer lifetime value.