edotco: Leadership Group Forum

edotco Leadership Group (eLG) Forum is an annual 2-day conference that ushers together ambassadors from different countries to a selected edotco tower for two days of panel talks. The forum is in itself a dressed-down version of a conference, where meetings take place amongst an itinerary of retreat acitivites such as sight-seeing, tours, and general team-building. During these 2 days, edotco addresses their C-suite executives on the organisation’s direction and innovation in today’s market.

ROOTS flew to Colombo, Sri Lanka, to support edotco with event logistics and back-end organisation. Since edotco was flying in more than 80 senior delegates to the conference, our team helped to coordinate with the travel agency on custom itineraries and booking details, planning the minute details every step of the way to make sure their comfort was catered to.

The level of detail and the scale of coordination was painstaking right from the pre-planning stage – a good deal of effort was poured into choosing the right survey platform to create and distribute travel forms, which the party’s itineraries were dependent on. The planning team saw to the design of the delegate journey from arrival, pickup, transfers and custom tours right to the very end.

Our team provided a seamless total solution that allowed the client to focus on the event direction without fretting on communicating the right event experience.

Where possible and to guarantee top quality, ROOTS brought over familiar Malaysian vendors and items, including the creatives for the event. We flew in the AV director but worked with the most experienced and recognised local support that we knew of.

Managing C-level delegates away from home calls for smooth, professional and holistic event management that requires a high-degree of foresight, obsession to detail, and understanding of conference management.