adidas: The battle between Chaos & Control

Modern football discards conventional ideas of player types and positions. Instead, there is only the chaos of ultimate agility or the control of playmakers. The new adidas X and Ace silos were designed to reflect the game of modern football. The X’s aerodynamic design was created to give reign to explosive speed while the Ace was made for precise control. It was necessary to inform football fans of the cleats’ unique characteristics that reflect the tension between these two extremes.

A series of tournaments was held throughout the region to personify the battle between chaos and control. National FA players and renowned football pundits joined and judged matches, shining a spotlight between those who exercise control on the field and others who rely on their innate senses to control the flow of the game.

Thousands of media impressions and over RM2 million in media value was generated as Malaysian football fans were enlightened on the intricacies of both adidas Ace and X footwear. Pick your side and be the difference.