Heineken: Open Your World

A campaign by Dunkin’ Donuts in South Korea played a jingle on buses and simultaneously released a coffee aroma. The jingle was timed to end when the bus stopped near a Dunkin’ Donuts. The campaign increased visits to Dunkin’ Donuts outlets near bus stops by 16% and sales at those outlets by 29%. Sensory marketing isn’t just a passing buzzword, and Heineken knows that.

With its iconic green bottle and red star design, international premium beer Heineken has long been the choice of urban tastemakers when winding down at the end of a long day. Heineken wanted to encourage consumers to open their mind to new possibilities in their current surroundings and not be afraid to explore. Their “Imagine” campaign was the latest in their sensory marketing initiatives, and ROOTS PR was the PR agency of choice.

Emerging artists from the world of fashion, sculpture, photography, and graphic design put together a creative showcase in the heart of KL, cleverly integrating Heineken’s brand identity in unexpected ways.

The campaign was called “Imagine”, to encourage people to imagine new possibilities. Heineken is a brand that has managed to create heightened sensory experiences around a simple product.  The “Imagine” campaign continues to build on Heineken’s record as a brand that believes in experiential marketing and that pushes the boundaries of technology to give consumers a new experience.

Artists were posed with questions in this vein:

Is it fashion when you can’t wear it?
Is it art if you can leave your beer on it?
How can one dimension have multiple facets?
What’s a performance if no one can hear it?

They were then challenged to create something as an answer to these questions. By transforming everyday material into extraordinary works of art, we are able to perceive our world in a different light.

Event patrons were inspired by the showcase’s inventiveness in challenging preconceived notions of our digital and analogue lives while conveying a fun, playful look at our world. It also reaffirms Heineken as the beverage of choice among worldly and sophisticated consumers and those seeking new experiences.