Trend Report: Media Downsizing

Media downsizing is pushing brands to fight harder to get positive media attendance at events.

The print publishing space is seeing the impact from declining advertising revenue and sales. Publishers are downsizing as their readership continues to shrink and move to other formats.

The landscape is streamlining, and a leaner headcount limits the media’s capacity to mobilise manpower for media events. This means that brands are having to fight harder to get positive media attendance. We are seeing this happening even among interesting consumer brands with pull factor.

“It used to be that a smartphone product launch could attract 100 pax easy, but not anymore,” says Angel Ng, PR Manager at ROOTS PR. It is becoming more challenging to get a full brand experience in front of the media.

The most effective brands will continuously seek to create a symbiotic relationship with the media. Win-win is the new norm.

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