2021 Communications Trends


Consumers look for brands that give value and purpose to them, and the way brands communicate should reflect that, instead of going heavy on promotions and deals. Essentially, a holistic delivery of key messages through the lenses of both lifestyle and business channels allow a wider reach to all audiences. Dialling up on human connection allows brands to resonate better according to trends, especially when the outlook is unpredictable. Listening to the sentiments of consumers closely and identifying the gaps that brands can fill and enhance — ergo bring value to them.

Being Part of the Lifestyle
During the pandemic, social media usage has increased tremendously such as Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn. With the introduction of Instagram shop, brands are seizing the moment to be aggressive in upping the ante to be prominent within the platform. Leveraging on KOLs help amplify awareness, whilst forging human connection.

Since the start of 2020, ROOTS PR built Canon’s brand credibility by penetrating both B2B and B2C segments and emphasising on its thought leaders in business solutions and lifestyle applications.


Social Engagement
Brands are growing more aware on the changing trends following the global pandemic shift. This has lead to a production of user-generated content remixes to recreate the brand’s identity on emerging social platforms such as TikTok. Moving forward, there will be more opportunities for brands to co-produce content, providing consumers with templates to base their contents off. This will ensure organic connection between brands and consumers, driving credibility and consumer believe towards the brand.

Influencer Tracking
The importance of social media as a platform of news is now at its peak, with lockdowns driving people to these sites for quick and bite-sized news. As influencer marketing gives traditional media a run for its money, we are constantly on the lookout for tools that will allow us to gauge an influencer’s credibility and effectiveness in a certain campaign or brand. Tools that can automate and house influencer data on a mass scale would allow for easy extraction and reporting.

Tracking Reach For Better Campaign Reporting
Leveraging on tracking tools such as Unbox Social and Sprout Social on a campaign’s audience reach will provide a better understanding on how brands can strategise with these social platforms.


As brands compete to gain share of attention, one has to  wonder, “What is the most effective way to create mass?” How do we then identify the right social media influencer to subsequently affect the behaviour of the target audience. Today’s consumers are no longer just consumers; they’re co-creators. Having shift from a passive role of an audience to being active members of a community. Their desire to be part of something meaningful dictates their level of engagement with a company. If a consumer is able to resonate with a company’s values; they are most likely to support the company.

John Walker & Sons XR21 The Legacy Collection Launch to support the preservation of Malaysian Chinese cultures and traditions.
LENOVO social influencer engagements provides a channel for the brand to connect with its consumers.
adidas builds on top of consumers’ shared passion for sports and an active lifestyle through adidas Runners Kuala Lumpur and women’s training sessions.


The pandemic has shown us that fostering human connection is essential when re-building brand health. This has put a premium on the value of alliances, people and communities. Perhaps it is time for organisations to re-evaluate purpose and strategies; to exercise greater responsibility towards stakeholder and community needs.

Image: #SeeItBlue & #SGUnited community shoutouts on rallying citizens back on their feet saw numerous brands & business participate
Source: NST / TimeOut


Producing Local Content
As much as Global contents carry a weight in creating attraction, consumers these days are also looking at localised content and skewing more towards local artisanal brands. Producing local content not only shows a brand’s commitment to the community it operates in but also promotes inclusivity for people to feel closer to brands.

Partnerships For A Wider Reach
With the downsizing of publications, the impact of reaching a target audience is seemingly smaller. Through partnerships with other brands / media houses, common objectives can be met while tapping into unchartered territory to reach new and potential customers.

Source images by Oberlo

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