Shell: Lubricating Shell Helix’s new brand experience

As part of a global initiative to better resonate with consumers, Shell Helix rolled out a new brand experience worldwide, Shell Helix Drive On. 

This was a move away from their traditional approach of technical marketing to a more consumer-oriented experiential campaign, supporting Shell Helix’s 2018 strategy of targeting new geographic and demographic markets.

The Drive On campaign was also the launching platform for a new loyalty programme, SHARE. This loyalty programme coupled with the brand experience roadshow formed a double-edged strategy to acquire and retain customers.

The centrepiece of the activation was a pop-up garage setup featuring a custom racing simulator with motion actuator and an innovative electricity-generating bicycle challenge to light up a Shell Helix life-sized logo.

In three months, we covered all 15 locations in 10 states nationwide. The roadshow engaged with close to 15,000 consumers, registered nearly 8,000 SHARE members,  and supported approximately 400 sales. Drive On contributed to Shell Helix’s strategy to capture new markets.