Project Miller: Activating the Senses

Codename Project Miller was one of the pinnacles of our creativity.

Our challenge was to create an activation campaign to drive awareness for a new product without mentioning the brand itself.

Project Miller was activated for one of the world’s largest tobacco companies. The new product incorporates a new key ingredient - Korean bamboo charcoal.

An unknown ingredient in Malaysia, pushing awareness of the bamboo charcoal variant was the primary focus of this campaign.

Using data from social listening and Facebook Insights to deepen the understanding of our target audience, ROOTS designed a multi-channel strategy centered around stimulating awareness on bamboo charcoal as a unique experiential ingredient. 

The above formed the basis of our unbranded approach as we conceived a bamboo charcoal-inspired cocktail and serve ritual by collaborating with numerous bars and speakeasies. 

The campaign was designed to create subtle brand recall with design elements mirroring the product packaging and was ultimately served by some of Malaysia’s top bartenders. The experience was also shared by influencers, KOLs, and the media.

The multi-channel strategy gained:

  • 1.2 million reach on FB
  • 40K website reads
  • 235K reach via influencers
  • Digital and print coverage from 8 media attendees