Lazada: Online to Offline Awareness

Every year, the Lazada Seller Conference has always been a key e-Commerce training event for online sellers. However in 2019, Lazada wanted to use the event as a platform to position itself as an e-Commerce market leader.

For ROOTS, our main challenge was twofold:

How do we add value to attendees’ experience and convince them to purchase tickets to an event that was previously free and accessible to all sellers?
How do we curate the right experience and deliver it as a product of the e-Commerce market leader?

Part 1: The Impact of 1 Marketing Plan
ROOTS deployed a multi-channel strategy to reach different audiences by making full use of Lazada’s extensive network of sellers through weekly email newsletters. We also ran a strong media relations push that maximised reach and amplified awareness using Facebook, Instagram and Google ads. To elevate the event, we forged strategic partnerships with MRCA, GfK and Carlsberg Group. To bring everything together, we created a real-time data visualization dashboard to provide live results that allowed for constant optimization of our marketing channels.

Part 2: The Experience from the Market Leader
ROOTS conceptualised and revamped the Lazada Seller Conference experience into a thought leadership summit through a solid framework covering 3 key content pillars – Explore, Experiment, Excel. Working hand-in-hand with the Lazada team, the vision was finally formed as Lazada WeCommerce 2019, highlighting new experiences, showcases, and market players. The specially curated experiences included an educational end-to-end e-Commerce journey, Lazada Group services, a high-level interactive idea-sharing space, and a regional business matching platform.

The strategic positioning of Lazada WeCommerce 2019 successfully put Lazada in the heart of the e-Commerce ecosystem, bringing over 2,500 like-minded individuals and professionals, over 50 Asia Pacific traders, and more than 10 strategic retail and brand partners to experience the best and biggest e-Commerce summit in the region. 97% of feedback received were highly satisfied with the event while 87% of respondents are likely to recommend the event to a friend or colleague.