iClif: Onboard a Seamless Lead Nurturing Journey

iCLIF, an Asia-based international non-profit organisation dedicated to education, research and consulting service industries adopted Salesforce Pardot, a marketing automation software that offers email automation, targeted email campaigns and leads nurturing. They needed to familiarize themselves with the solution in order to design successful campaigns with improved ROI as compared to the traditional approach towards marketing.

The Marketing Technology team took on the challenge as a Salesforce Consulting Partner to onboard iCLIF, thus begin the journey of learning to design an automated lead nurturing programme. The onboarding process included a full-fledged training session to the iCLIF team including the implementation of a drip campaign that also included improvements made to user experience of the website. The campaign was designed to retarget those who fill up a form based on their interest and behaviour while progressively profile each of these users. This allowed the right content to be fed to the right audience at the right time which also facilitated the filtering of the captured leads to cold, warm or hot –  a useful feature that helps the sales team to focus on increasing their win rate.

iCLIF managed to expedite the adoption of Salesforce Pardot, familiarized themselves with the solution and begin their journey in utilizing Pardot for their marketing and pre-sales initiatives. The team at iCLIF can now design their own lead generation campaigns while assisting the sales team to reach their targets.