Embark on a Year-End Journey to New South Wales

Singapore Airlines started as a small airline company in the 1950's through humble beginnings with only a few fleets and now they are known to be one of the world's best airlines. In 2023, working together with Singapore Airlines and Destination New South Wales a plan was crafted to build awareness and engagement to push flight bookings to New South Wales through Singapore Airlines.

The Challenge is that there is no direct flight to New South Wales with Singapore Airlines and they weren't the first choice in terms of airline. Understanding the challenge of the client, we also had to work on a tight budget to drive awareness and engagement for the campaign

ROOTS worked together as a team to come up with PR & Influencer initiatives to drive awareness and engagement for both brands by reaching out to the appropriate channels that targets a specific niche audience. The team worked closely with each other to come up with the best plan to maximise the budget with bigger returns.

PR deployed a plan to work with luxury lifestyle media on media buys that focuses on the trending and happening locations at New South Wales, with curated content based on the media profile background. Initial stages of discussion the team managed to get value-added deliverables that maximised the awareness of the brands to the audience. It is through the long term relationship and support that the team has built with the media that garnered the trust. 

Content and Influence tapped into their list of influencers to sieve out the relevant profiles that have been to New South Wales, that would be able to share their experiences that could make their followers go into a world of imagination. The content being published is more focused to push interest and create consideration and engagement to book their flights with Singapore Airlines. 

As the campaign is currently still on-going, the team managed to get a total of RM70,000 value added deliverables from the media titles engaged and from an influencer standpoint it was real time content into places to visit in New South Wales utilising existing content from the influencers library.