Moving to Virtual Conferences

Like an in-person conference, a virtual conference is more complex and requires a longer planning runway for success. A typical planning approach may account to the following:

1. Establishing The Scope

Scope of a virtual conference generally covers keynote sessions, breakout sessions, exhibition hall, lobby, networking lounge, a resource centre, Q&A sessions and virtual games.

2. Exploring Virtual Platforms

A wide selection of platforms are available. Some of the familiar names are Intrado, vFair, MeetYoo, 6connex, EventXtra and Kestone. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to work with platforms with their operations team geographically closer for logistical considerations arising from time differences during planning and troubleshooting.

3. Defining Roles
  • Project Lead - Advises and shadows the client in scoping out all planning, logistical and timelines.
  • Technical Lead - Responsible for technical and operational functionality of the platform.  
    i. Works closely with platform project manager to achieve optimal user experience.
    ii. Typically works closely with presenters for their recording, preparations and content push-out during sessions (e.g. slides, videos, polls, etc).
  • Sponsor Manager - Responsible for coordinating with sponsors, partners and any exhibitors to ensure timely delivery of all collaterals as well as providing platform familiarisation training for them.
  • Panellists - A group of individuals (e.g. system engineers) who are capable of answering solution based questions. Logistics and technical questions will be managed by the organising team.
  • Presenters- Presenters should familiarise themselves with recording procedures as well as putting best
    i. Put best practices into place for live presentations. Platform familiarisation training is also compulsory.
  • Tech Support - Individual/Team from the Platform Provider that supports with platform set up, content uploads and technical related issues

4. Scheduling The Recording

Considered the most time consuming preparation of a virtual conference, the recording for simul-live sessions (common format for virtual conference) can amount to hundreds of hours of recording over different time zones.

5. Brand Guideline

It is essential that a brand guideline is being set in place from the start to ensure  the platform and recording are adhere accordingly. Check with global brand team to ensure that brand voice is streamlined.

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