Why We Look for Curious Minds and Action-Oriented Personalities

They say a company is all about its people. The greater the quality of its people, the greater the delivery as its people come together to produce an output. In our case, solutions that help our clients become successful in the areas of business and marketing. 

The question remains then, “What specific qualities do we look for in the individuals that we hire?” After all, with the vast amount of talent out there, each potential candidate comes with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. 

As we spend a tremendous amount of time interviewing capable talents for each of our divisions, it is never easy when we have to select one over another especially when both aced multiple sessions of interviews with traits that we believe suit our business.

Ultimately, it boils down to 2 key traits - (1) A healthy dose of curiosity supported by a (2) strong bias towards action. 

Curiosity - The Elixir for Navigating in a Complex World

As we know it, there is unprecedented change in our world. Therefore problems surface at lightning speed; so do solutions. It is not just solving problems but to do it in the least amount of time with a continuous improvement mindset. 

To be successful in this kind of situation, one must have an innate sense of curiosity - the ability to constantly learn new ways of solving the same set of problems while being open to be wrong. It is this self-reflective ability that enables our people to constantly improve upon each incremental decision.

Even animals shed their skin to remain healthy. We believe the most adaptable marketers will thrive over time as they shed their mindset of the old and embrace the new. 

Action Oriented - Because the World Cannot Wait

We commonly ask this question during our interviews, “Speed vs Quality. Pick one and only one.” A large majority of our candidates would pick Quality as the obvious choice. Some will hold steady in the middle ground. Very few would choose Speed because the assumption is that you can’t have both. 

In a dynamic working environment, demands and challenges are expected. Our clients need to be demanding because it demonstrates that we can help them solve critical problems. As with most critical problems, speed and quality are not exclusive to one another. 

Our challenge is to find a way to deliver both. We know this is possible only if the marketer is actively working towards the next step(s) while ensuring that with each step, small improvements are made. 

The above are reasons why curiosity and action-oriented individuals thrive in our environment by firmly planting themselves in the driver’s seat as marketing transforms. If you know someone who embodies the above traits and is currently looking for a role in Experience, Communications or Digital, we would love to speak to him or her.

Connect with us to find out how what it truly means to be true problem solvers.

Thank you for your interest.



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