2021 Trend Report

Today’s consumers are no longer just consumers; they are co-creators. They look for brands that give value and purpose to them, and the way brands communicate should reflect that.

In this year's trend report, we aim to share our observations of the year with you in hope that we can collectively contribute candid views of where we believe the marketing road is headed for the rest of the year and next. These insights were supplied by our field experts across Communications, Digital, and Experience practices and serve as an annotation of our continuous effort towards deepening our understanding in this ever-changing and exciting domain.

Our Impact of One is an integrated philosophy delivered through 3 core marketing themes - Experience, Communication & Digital. These are the five key pillars that will be essential for you to tackle today's challenges:

  1. Framework for Omni-Channel Working teams - Setting up a structured operating workflow to effectively deliver results
  2. e-Commerce and Data - Enrich marketing and sales strategies long into the future
  3. Enabling Conversations - Share views and interact directly with your audience
  4. Community Advocacy - From a passive role of an audience to being active members of a community
  5. Endless Possibilities of Virtual Engagements - Increasing consumer touchpoints across the region

We will be expanding further on the five pillars in our 2021 Trend Report which is now free to download below.

Download the full trend report in which we discuss trends and opportunities in the year ahead.

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