Resorts World Genting: Brand Concepts into Creative Collaterals

Resorts World Genting runs many tactical campaigns throughout the year that require the creative development of below-the-line collateral. Their in-house design team is often overwhelmed by the scale, deadlines and creative demands required of them. They not only have to come up with separate creatives for the numerous businesses and brands under the Resorts World Genting brand but also ensure all creatives convey the respective brand concepts.

Good design translates a brand’s message into creative being. It’s about taking a brand from abstraction to realization. A series of creatives were designed and produced for various Resorts World Genting businesses, featuring a consistent visual theme and meaningful copy placed in context with each brand identity.

Ads for E18hteen restaurant featured muted, mature colours and models in business attire lounging around the restaurant’s classy dining setting. A scenic backdrop showcases the prime view from E18hteen’s location. The creative direction highlighted E18hteen’s unique selling points and conveyed the brand’s image of a luxury lifestyle.

A separate ad for Snow World featured a group of winter tourists bonding over a wefie and the punny tagline “Snow much more to see and do”. Another ad for The Olive restaurant shows a woman fine-dining and the headline copy “Sear Dining Pleasure” – a play on the word “sheer”. The subheading reads: “Savour the mouthwatering flavour of US beef”. Witty wordplay adds the right amount of intellectual playfulness to a brand synonymous with a good time.

ROOTS was able to provide the creative solutions needed so that these campaigns, some of which run concurrently, were able to run on time and on-brief. The creatives translated each brand concept into a relatable visual. Resorts World Genting was able to run their tactical promotions and campaigns without compromising on creative standards.