Hino: Soft Sell Approach of Appreciation

As a leading truck producer, Hino was set to unveil a new 500 series model. Hino tasked us with the launch that would also double up as an appreciation dinner for dealers and the media. This gave a more personal reason for stakeholders to attend. The event proceedings had to reflect Hino’s theme of automotive innovation and key brand attributes (Quality, Durability, Reliability). We also had to come up with ways to highlight the new truck’s features without losing entertainment appeal.

From pre-dinner games to a drinks bar, every interactive mechanism was engineered to draw attention to Hino’s product qualities. We worked on a video storyboard that captured the Hino brand values and the spirit of innovation. Among the performance lineup was a shadowgraph of a dancer interacting with the new truck in a way that highlighted its features. As an element of surprise, seven trucks were unveiled behind the hall drapes. Snazzy fibre optic lights and LED lighting were part of the overall effort to evoke a sense of modern technological acuity. The entire setup was planned so as to allow guests to enjoy themselves and feel appreciated while also drawing attention to the new trucks.

The launch and appreciation dinner successfully balanced the purpose of a launch with an entertaining dinner agenda, effectively killing two birds with one stone. Hino’s corporate branding was detailed into the entire event and the key messaging about the new 500 series was effectively delivered to guests and covered in extensive media coverage. Guests arrived with the intention to be entertained and left with the awareness of Hino’s new line of trucks.