Guinness: Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is one of the world’s largest annual celebrations and in an effort to make it more interesting for Malaysians, GAB provided a unique twist to the traditional Oktoberfest through contemporary infusion and localized elements that are relatable to the Malaysian context.

In order to ensure that Malaysians can understand the context of the celebration hosted by GAB, ROOTS PR collaborated with influencers and key opinion leaders from the music, F&B and entertainment industries to provide a different twist to the usual traditional Oktoberfest proceedings. Aside from the official media launch, the campaign also saw successful media hosting sessions and collaborations that excited the public throughout the month-long campaign.

All media coverage were featured in positive tonality, which highlighted how GAB offered a different twist to the Oktoberfest celebration in Malaysia. The campaign also successfully achieved a total PR value of more than RM 1.5 million with more than 80 coverage from traditional, online and social media platforms.