AWS: Startup Day

The AWS Startup Day is a full-day event aimed at creating an environment for business and technical stakeholders to share their successes, learn best practices, and adopt new technologies. Startup Day is held across various major cities worldwide, and we had the honor to kick off Singapore’s first.

Being the first ever AWS Startup Day in Singapore, there was pressure to make the event a success. The choice of venue would be instrumental to generating interest from potential participants, as a certain aesthetic would draw a corresponding crowd. It wouldn’t work to host the event in a ballroom as we so often do at conference events.

We looked for a space in an interesting location that’s relaxed but functional enough for AWS Startup Day. In addition to startup vibes, it had to accommodate our estimated number of more than 300 attendees and the program agenda, which consisted of breakout sessions in two different tracks, Technical and Business. This meant that the venue had to have separate areas for separate sessions and a bigger area for larger sessions.

BASH is a startup space at JTC Launchpad designed for the purpose of bringing together people from across the entire startup value chain. Short for ‘Build Amazing Startups Here’, BASH was the ideal choice because of its inherent purpose and connection with our target community as well as its laidback startup vibes.

71% of feedback collected said they would join future AWS Startup Days.

The turnout exceeded AWS’ expectations, with participation from large brand names such as Honestbee, Zalora, & Facebook.

The open-floor plan of the venue was casual enough but conducive to the event’s purpose. Industrial hanging downlights and exposed ceiling gave a stripped down, warehouse feel that got participants in the right frame of mind for a full day of learning.