Year in Review

2021 has been another whirlwind year of ups and downs - as the world works towards living in the new norm, the marketing space has also greatly transformed to adapt to the new world we live in today. 

As we look forward to 2022, it’s now the time of the year to reflect back on the changes that made an impact to our industry and will continue to change the way we work:

Offline steps into the online

Hybridization of on-ground activations has changed the way we look into events. Events today are no longer just fully on-ground as elements of online such as live streaming are starting to be a norm. We are truly living in a borderless world as conferences can now be held simultaneously at the same time across the globe just like what we did for Infor & AWS

On-ground activations now have to incorporate both offline and online experiences through technologies such as AR or VR so that it can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone at their own convenience.

The TikTok Generation

The future leaders of tomorrow are also increasingly learning practical life skills using in-feed syllabuses as social media platforms are turning into learning portals. The advent of online meetings and live streaming has also spurred the heightened desire for video content as brands are now tasked with generating more social video content as ever even when there are social restrictions to shoot outdoors.

Good Digital for Digital Goods

2021 was also a year of acronyms for digital as new technologies and innovations change the way we work and experience the internet. One acronym that stood out was “NFT - Non Fungible Token” - listed as the word of the year - blockchain and crypto has seen an atmospheric growth as its application for the real world marketing has started to extend its reach into almost every facet of daily life such as investments, art, real estate, gaming, collectibles - coupled with the announcement by Facebook on the metaverse, we expect that this space will continue to transform the digital space in the years to come. 

Innovative and forward looking brands are starting to adopt the metaverse such as adidas and we are truly excited to see how we can explore and incorporate this in our future marketing efforts.

With that said, this is only the tip of the iceberg, we hope you will look forward to our 2022 trend report that will be dropping in the coming months. 

Thank you for your interest.



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