Expanding Creativity

“I do not believe it to be a matter of hope. It is simply a matter of time”

The wise words of the perennial Morpheus from the Matrix (coincidentally they are coming up with a new movie soon)

In the last couple of years, as an agency that largely required creative strategies and execution in almost every facet of work that we do. It was always a long standing thought that we had to always have a full fledged creative team to be able to handle the requirements of any project - big or small. Teams would huddle together in the dark corners of the office with their creative minds to debate, discuss, negotiate and ideate on the next big idea for their project long into the day until they no longer see the sun. Sometimes it worked out and sometimes it just didn’t meet the requirements at all. We took a pause to reflect on it and ask ourselves each time a work is rejected - 

“Was it that we weren’t creative enough or was it that we did not have enough creative minds?”

Then came 2020, the world shifted, people were no longer huddling in the office, instead they were locked at home, constantly on their headphones, hearing countless times in a day “can you see me or hear me?”

COVID happened and that also resulted in a change in the way things work, it truly uplifted the gig economy as people were now looking for even more ways to earn additional income. This opened a new opportunity for us to expand creativity beyond the traditional confines of in-house domain. The creative talent pool has greatly deepened and we are now able to reach out to any creative talents of anywhere across genres, industries or skills to create the masterpieces needed by our clients.

Ironically, we had to go forward to come backwards. In the days of the past, chapels and magnificent buildings commissioned artists of various talents and skills to create masterpieces that have stood through the test of time - Sistine Chapel by Michaelangelo or Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center by Zaha Hadid. Why can’t the same be done for what we do today? Imagine if the Sistine Chapel decided to use their inhouse artist to paint their ceiling…

In 2020, we decided to transform the way we approach creative talents as an agency, we decentralised our creative team through a combination of in-house and commissioned partners. This gave way to greater freedom of expression by removing our in-house team from having to be bound to certain types of brands but instead giving them the freedom to creatively express themselves in industries that best suited their talents. 

For specialised work, we commissioned project-based designers from across the globe. Our Project Management team was tasked to manage these projects from conceptualisation to production and constantly be on the lookout for new talents - giving us an almost limitless talent pool of resources to expand our creativity to the next level. 

Today, we are proud to say that we are able to continuously push the boundaries of complexity in the projects that we manage - technically and creatively. This is all thanks to the modularity of our approach in assembling the right team that is not limited to experts within us. It is an open embrace of the change in the future and through us, our clients can truly tap into a world of possibilities. 

Whilst we cannot fully predict how this new journey will unfold, we’ve chugged the red pill, strapped our seat belts and we are committed to find out what’s at the end of the rabbit hole.

Thank you for your interest.



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