e-commerce: adopt not adapt

Whilst the pandemic has continued to run its course throughout the world, many have entered into 2021 learning new digital habits from being forced to stay at home throughout the whole year. 

As we continue to adjust and bring the world back to normalcy, it is clear that for almost everyone, besides just having to live in this ‘new normal’, there was also one new habit that saw an exponential rise - e-commerce. Marketplace platforms like Lazada or Shopee saw user’s activity and transactions grow tremendously as consumers had no other place to turn to but online shopping. 

Source: Statista

As important as cyber security was during this rise of online shopping, it was certain that many of the traditional fears from consumers of transacting online were slowly crumbling away and brands had no choice but to bring themselves to sell online. Prior to this, there was usually hesitation from brands for starting their own online shop with challenges such as logistics or customer service looming in their minds. 

Many brands jumped headfirst into the foray to start their own e-commerce shops online. Ultimately what they learned was not that they had to adapt their current practices to suit it but actually they needed to adopt new practices to survive in the online space. The traditional model of selling on ground did not directly apply to selling online. 

The online space did not need to have your products being plastered in every possible retail shop. What online customers wanted was just basically convenience to shop, ease of delivery and most of all best prices possible. Starting the online shop is not the hard part but changing your mindset to realize that what used to work doesn’t anymore is crucial to survive online in the current climate we live in today. 

This also led to an increase in the uptake of online shopping portals as brands started to develop their own online stores to maximize their profits. The uptake of retail ecommerce is going to rise year on year and there’s no better time than now to take your business to the next level and start selling online. 

Source: Shopify

As an organization, riding on this paradigm shift to online shopping, we are glad to also share that DEX Ventures is also an official Shopify partner which allows us to help brands design, develop and launch their journey into the online shopping space.  

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