Infor 2020 Virtual Roadshow

As the global pandemic accelerates, businesses and partnerships everywhere, are forced to look into new engagement strategies to showcase solutions and continue engaging customers to achieve their business goals.

In the case  of Infor and AWS roadshow, engagement would have typically be in a conference hall with presentations, breakout sessions, exhibition booths and games to drive exchange between both the brands and their customers.

To ensure plans and goals remained intact and attainable, Infor needed to find a team of experienced virtual specialists who are capable of delivering the event in a span of a month.

A team of virtual specialist worked methodically to map out the journey of transitioning all physical touchpoints to the new virtual experience.

With the short runway, the team would charged relentlessly into nights, coordinating with teams across different time zones, managing recordings, creatives, contents, logistics and sponsors.

Meticulous checking of uploads, content and timing were also undertaken to ensure the accuracy of  information to be viewed  by audiences on the virtual platform.

Virtual games, live chats, Q&A, polls and feedback maintained the interactivity amongst audiences throughout the show.

The scale of the Infor Virtual Roadshow pulled off in 4 weeks:

Total Registration          680

Attendance                     408

Partners                           61

No. of Webcasts             17

No. of Presenters            14

Feedbacks Received     151

No. of Booths                   14

Total Videos                     48

Material Downloaded   354