DHL: 55 Hours of Action

After 24 months of under-going an internal training program, the CIM Supervisory Excellence Academy (CIS) graduates were ready to graduate. As a significant event for the world’s leading logistics company, there were protocols and strict brand guidelines to comply that made it interesting as a challenge to deliver nothing but the best. ROOTS had big shoes to fill as Singapore’s earlier graduation ceremony had set the bar high while attempting to fit a tight schedule. This included a welcome dinner, morning workout routines, a final workshop for the graduates, a meaningful CSR activity, a Gala dinner and most importantly, the graduation ceremony itself – all within a span of 55 hours.

As a lot of groundwork had to be covered, the team took extra measures to anticipate any unforeseen circumstances by constantly stress-testing each segment of the event to ensure that it’ll run flawlessly. Details of the agenda were planned out methodically for a seamless journey while we tried to balance out the activities to prevent our attendees from tiring out during the 3 days.

As part of the CSR planning process, the team collaborated with the local Orang Asli (indigenous people) nearby and contacted them for a list of items that would meet their needs. Those items were not only hand-picked but also hand-packed by the delegates in DHL packaging boxes. A ceremony was held on the second day for the items to be presented to the Head of the Village followed by a simple Gala Dinner to mark the end of Day 2.

As the final day arrived, the graduates kick-started the morning with a bout of Zumba, stretching and ending the session with meditation to get in the zone for the graduation ceremony – a feather in the cap for them as well as for us at ROOTS. As the event finally came to an end, we can’t help but reflect on the teamwork and support from DHL in making this experience a memorable one for all their upcoming leaders.

Impactful events are experiences delivered by looking out from the attendees’ eyes. As can be seen here, clients’ already expect that we must deliver high standards for all the big-ticket items. However, what sets great from good is the attention to detail delivered across all phases from conceptualizing to planning and execution.