adidas: Creating a community of sports performance advocates

adidas sports performance category is seeking to grow their community in Kuala Lumpur by focusing on three (3) main categories - running, training and football. 

ROOTS PR continue to grow the community by tapping into the strength of each categories: 

Running: Empower ARKL with a group of core team to lead 3 sessions of AR held every month
Training: Educate the target audience on the suitability of sports bra for each sport by organizing a monthly women’s training session
Football: Engaging with a pool of football players to push out content to the target audience

Widespread coverage on print, online & broadcast across all sports performance category: 

Running: PR value worth RM1.7 million and creator engagement worth 914,744 with over 9 successful events & activations

Training: Exceed sale through rate of product through conducted campaign 

Football: PR value worth RM3,272,233.50 and creator engagement worth 1,699,583